GPT in Maya

24.03.2023 ( maya tech python gpt brotools )

Well, this somehow... happened. With any luck will polish and include it in future versions of BroTools. A plugin for Maya that uses OpenAI's API to use GPT models to control maya: execute actions, create expressions or scriptJobs using simple human input.

Got back to my old hobby - music

06.03.2023 ( music )

Trying to brush up my music writing skills. Here's something synthewavey (Don't mind the cat, it's for memes)

Skeleton Preview Mesh generator

11.01.2023 ( brotools rigging maya python tech )

Experimenting with generating meshes based on skeleton, for previewing and proxy purposes. Might make it into future releases of BroTools. ...

Custom UV Pin node in Python

05.09.2022 ( brotools rigging maya python tech )

Maya 2020 onward has a fun useful node called "uvPin" that is supposedly useful for creating rivets. However it does not work if you're stuck on a project that uses older versions of Maya (lots of studios still using 2018-2019 versions, for example), and it feels like it might be just a bit more com...

Maya Script: Select half of mesh vertices along a plane

18.01.2022 ( tech python maya )

A script to select exactly half of the mesh's vertices along any axis, independently of where it's located in the scene. You mark the middle by selecting a vertex in the middle, and it will then select vertices to whichever side you tell it. Someone on reddit asked about how they could select hal...

BroRig: Auto rigging tools are slowly coming together!

12.10.2021 ( brotools rigging maya python tech )

BroRig is something I've been working on and off for quite a while now. I've been leaving it for long periods of time because I kept asking myself one simple question - why reinvent the wheel when there are a ton of other auto rigs available, including ...

Ultimate Renamer for Maya

28.05.2021 ( brotools maya )

Another tool soon to join the ranks of BroTools - BroRenamer! A modular renamer where you can select from multiple "Processors" that perform different tasks, ranging from common tasks like adding suffixes or prefixes, numbers, search and replace to things like "Camel Case Split" processor that a...

BroDynamics 2021.5.26 Update Highlights

26.05.2021 ( brodynamics brotools tech )

Highlight of this release is addition of Cycle\Seamless Looping for Point and Chain modes! Previously available only in Simple Chain mode, it now has made it's way into all primary BroDynamics simulation modes. This feature is crucial for game develo...


20.05.2021 ( brotools tech )

Well yes, there's a free TweenMachine and there are a lot of different tween-like tools in animBot. But BroTools will soon have it's own tween tool included :) It is going to be included with Complete Bundle.

Something I've worked on a while ago...

06.05.2021 ( art animation mocap unity )

Just realized that NDA's dropped for a project I've worked on in 2015, Celestials, GameInsight as Lead Animator. Just some fun footage from back then. I promise, this served actual purposed of testing prop and physics systems.

New step in BroDynamics and BroTools development

11.03.2021 ( )

Today I'm proud to announce the new step in BroDynamics and BroTools development. I've decided to put more time and work into this project, and start releasing more of the many scripts and tools that I've been developing over the years. This brings a few major changes which I would like to cover...

BroTools, some developments

21.01.2021 ( brotools tech )

Working on some updates to BroDynamics and BroTools as a whole system. Finally there's something visual to show. Still a heavy WIP. What this is is a new updater written from scratch. Apart from ...

PiOnAir - DIY WFH Indicator

22.12.2020 ( hobby tech )

I've been working from home for years, long before it became mainstream. But previously my wife would go to the office, and I would stay home alone, so it worked fine. Now, however, we have a kid, and she's at home. And I also don't want to just shut myself up for X hours a day saying "don't bother ...

Home servers and Proxmox

06.04.2020 ( tech hobby )

So, didn't write anything in a while, time to fix that, eh? There are some interesting things going on that I could write about, like me joining Panzerdog to work on Tacticool, BroRig getting to a point where I am going to start using it for production, and ...

BroDynamics 2020 New Year Sale!

20.12.2019 ( brotools tech python brodynamics )

BroDynamics sale!

BroDynamics and BroTools now have Discord server and Facebook group!

10.12.2019 ( brotools tech python brodynamics )

BroTools and BroDynamics now have a Discord server and a Facebook group! Join Discord! Join Facebook group I hope that this will help bring BroDynamics and BroTools users together, help sha...

Some progress on something I've been planning to do for a long time now!

21.10.2019 ( brotools tech )

Finally starting to come together!

BroDynamics 2.2.1 is out now!

11.07.2019 ( brotools brodynamics tech python maya )

I've been working a lot with a few studios lately, bringing new features to BroDynamics to improve workflow. One of such things was improvements into the Batch simulation windows and how it operates with namespaces, to make it more flexible when you reference different character rigs under different...

Home Automation and Home Assistant 101

22.06.2019 ( homeautomation homeassistant hobby tech )

I've been playing with Home Automation for a while now, well over 2 years, and while I did not have a chance to try out as much stuff as, say, Ben from BruH Automation I think I do have some things to share. Home Assistant? Hass.IO? HassOS? Whats the differenc...

HomeAutomation: Nginx Quick Setup with SSL (Draft)

05.05.2019 ( homeautomation homeassistant hobby tech nginx )

Seeing as more and more people ask similar questions about Home Automation, Home Assistant, Nginx, SSL and the like I decided to just start writing up some guides and directing them here instead of trying to explain same things multiple times :) I figure that's better for all parties involved. Th...

BroDynamics Troubleshooting - Maya hanging on plugin load, possible solution

31.03.2019 ( brotools brodynamics tech python maya )

I was getting scarce reports from BroDynamics users about Maya hanging on BroDynamics startup, or more precisely - when trying to load plugin (or using install_step2.mel ). Recently some studio had similar issue with Maya freezing on BroTools startup. After some mutual research we man...

BroDynamics 2.1.0 (Beta) released!

04.02.2019 ( brotools brodynamics tech python maya )

BroDynamics 2.1.0 is out and with it comes a lot of improvements! Improvements First of all you'll notice that with Chain simulation mode you don't have to select Front or Up axes anymore! Simulation rig was updated and it now does not require you to select axes and it also got more reliabl...

BroDynamics 2.1 Sneak Peek

03.01.2019 ( brotools brodynamics tech python maya )

A little sneak peek into the upcoming 2.1 release. Think you can spot a few major changes and improvements?

BroDynamics New Year Sale!

20.12.2018 ( brotools brodynamics tech python maya )

BroDynamics New Years sale is now on! 20% off! Limited offer. And here is some sneak peak on my plans on BroDynamics for 2019. It will hav...

BroDynamics 2.0.11

01.09.2018 ( brodynamics brotools tech )

BroDynamics 2.0.11 released, with improved namespace support in Batch simulation tool! Read more in Documentaton!

BroDynamics 2.0.9

28.08.2018 ( brodynamics brotools tech )

BroDynamics is now at version 2.0.9, with a few UI improvements, updated Documentation and a new feature allowing you to use multiple namespaces\characters\data nodes in Batch Simulation tool! Also I just noticed that I did not update my blog in a while, so since that latest post about BroDynami...

BroDynamics - New feature coming

01.06.2018 ( brodynamics brotools tech )

BroDynamics 2.1 goals

16.05.2018 ( tech maya python brotools brodynamics )

My new goal for BroDynamics 2.1 update is improving and refining user experience. It means: Improving and polishing installation process Further improving UI, to be more intuitive and to better reflect Maya's own UI logic. For example - I plan to change Tabs to a Dropdown menu for Modes....

BroDynamics 2.0 is released!

22.04.2018 ( tech maya python brotools brodynamics )

BroDynamics 2.0 is available! New major version was reworked from the ground up, and comes with a lot of new features and improvements. Most noticable: New simplified installation process Chain mode can now try to follow your existing animation. ...

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

18.04.2018 ( work animation art projects )

It was fun animating emotes for Paladins :) Here are some of my animations, so far only those that were published up to date. 3ds max, Biped

BroDynamics 2.0 Sneak Peak - Self Updater

02.03.2018 ( tech maya python brotools brodynamics )

A sneak peak of one of the new features of BroDynamics 2.0 - built-in updater. I wanted to implement it for a long time, but while using CreativeCrash I could not verify purchases. Gumroad, on the other hand, issues license keys which I can check, and finally add this self update functionality s...

Maya - Dockable windows boilerplate

19.02.2018 ( tech maya python brotools )

So, here's an update boilerplate. Details in comments. This one is working in Maya 2016, 2017, 2018, should work in previous versions down to 2014. Still goi...

Maya - new approach to dockable windows

14.02.2018 ( tech maya python brotools )

Maya 2017 brought us new interface, new features and... new problems in form of API changes. First thing we faced was switch from PySide to PySide2. But that could be easily solved with simple import trick: ``` try: from PySide2.QtGui import * from PySide2.QtCore import * from Py...

BroDynamics leaves Highend3D\CreativeCrash

09.02.2018 ( tech tools work brotools brodynamics )

( If you bought BroDynamics from CreativeCrash\Highend3D - you can read about how you can obtain a Gumroad copy at the end of this page ) I'm sorry to say, that after thorough review of sales made with Gumroad and Highend3D, CreativeCrash, and after serious and long consideration I came to a conc...


08.12.2017 ( tech python hobby )

By the way, my old educational project, Instaload, is now updated and running here: For those who missed my post about it - this is a web-tool which allows you to download mutliple images and videos from instagram in one go. Just paste ...

Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year!

08.12.2017 ( tools maya tech )

BroDynamics Christmass and New Year sale!

Bro IKFK Switcher Update 1.2.1

24.11.2017 ( tech python maya )

1.2.1 Fixed bug with incorrect matching of generated Match Locators Updated matching function. Both rotation and translation is matched through openmaya now, no cmds.xform usage, which results in better matching Matching now uses cmds.matchTransform command, which is new in ...

Bro IKFK Switcher Bug!

24.11.2017 ( tech maya python )

I just found a somewhat critical bug in Bro IKFK Switcher which was causing incorrect aligment of match locators created by "Create Match Locators" button. A new version is coming soon with following updates: 1.2.1 (COMING SOON) Fixed bug with incorrect matching of generated Match L...

Linux NAS Dashboard

18.11.2017 ( hobby python tech )

Made a custom Python-flask-bootstrap web-dashboard for my NAS, with CPU load, temperatures, hdd capacity and most importantly for a NAS - SMART health status for every HDD. Made in a day, for fun and practice. But I also just could not find any other dashboard that would fit my needs anyway. For ...

BroTools - Auto IKFK Switcher Update 1.2.0

21.09.2017 ( tech python maya tools )

IK FK Switcher is updated to version 1.2.0, which brings a lot of improvements: Improved matching function - results in better matching of objects' rotations (thanks to OpenMaya API) Added FK Align Object Added a function (button) to create FK and IK align objects, if they are not provide...

BroTools - Auto IKFK Switcher Update 1.1.0

20.08.2017 ( tech python maya tools )

Bro IKFK Switcher is updated! And it's a nice update, as it brings new feature - baking! You can now bake the whole animation from one chain to another (FK to IK or IK to FK). It should be useful ...

Games: Nier Automata

19.08.2017 ( games hobby )

Just a few days ago I finished Nier: Automata. I could not stop thinking and processing it ever since. So in the end I decided to "put my thoughts on paper", or in this blog, being prescise. The reason is that I think I need to structure my thoughts about it. And I just wanted to have 2B's butt some...

New Website

25.07.2017 ( tech hobby )

Yay, I've got a brand new website! And not just some new website. This one I wrote myself, (almost) from scratch, backend and frontend, using Python, Flask and Flask-SocketIO for Backend and Bootstrap and Method theme for Frontend. Thanks to Neuethemes, authors of the original Method theme for a ...

BroTools Snippets #04 - Mirror FFD Box

18.01.2017 ( tech maya python )

*Different small parts of my expanding collection of Maya tools and scripts, from small scripts to large rigging and simulation systems. Another small script that can be of any help for others. It m...

Non-3D Python exercise: Instaload

17.01.2017 ( hobby tech python )

Well, this is not related to 3D or CG, but it’s Python! Was bored one day, and had to download a couple of images from instagram. is great, but it only allows you download images, and only one by one. So, I spent a few hours writing a little web-app to download multiple images and even...

House of Languages

30.12.2016 ( art work projects )

This was a simple but really fun project with it's own challenges and a lot of animations. I was responsible for all animation in this project, including rigging, animating, exporting and setting everything up in the engine and handing it over to the programmer. Project links: [http://fo...

ShowReel 2016 - Animation and Rigging

02.12.2016 ( art tech work showreel animation rigging )


02.12.2016 ( art work projects )

On this project I was rigging and animating multiple characters. Examples will be here some time soon.

Dwarves Tales

02.12.2016 ( art work projects )

Character rigging and animation.

Walking Dead: Road To Survival

02.12.2016 ( art work projects )

Facial rigging and character animation.

BroTools Snippets #03 - PySide context menu for QLineEdit and other elements...

02.12.2016 ( tech python maya )

*Different small parts of my expanding collection of Maya tools and scripts, from small scripts to large rigging and simulation systems. Well, some time ago I decided to go with PySide code for all my UIs instead of native maya.cmds functions for menu-building. I was attracted to the freedom in c...

Every morning in Russia

01.12.2016 ( hobby )


BroTools Snippets #02 - Select joints influencing mesh

01.12.2016 ( tech )

Saving another couple of clicks in routine work, simple script to select joints influencing skinned mesh. Could not find a 1-click solution for this in Maya. Maybe I just missed something? Anyway, maybe this will be useful for someone. Will just leave it here. Simple, but useful. It will select j...

BroTools Snippets #01

30.11.2016 ( tech )

Time to start sharing what little tools and scripts I use in everyday life. Here's a multi-exporter I wrote for current project to speed up and stream- line animation exporting process, nothing fancy. It is used to export multiple animated game characters and objects. Responsive object selection ...

Random animation #01

11.10.2016 ( art animation )

Starting some new 'sections' of my blog. Under Random animation I will just post some little practice or personal or non-NDA animations I'm working on. *"Random animation" section of the blog is about different small animations I'm working on, either in my free ...

Maya 2017 switching to PySide2

01.09.2016 ( tech maya python pyside )

In order to support Qt 5 Maya 2017 now uses the PySide2 module and shiboken2. While this is supposed to bring a lot of improvements into Maya’s UI, including speed and new functions, it also breaks a lot of old scripts. Including my BroDynamics and other tools. I though about using, but that w...

BroDynamics 1.4.0 Released!

20.06.2016 ( tech python maya tools )

Phew, it took me a while to get it all together. It was huge update. Last few days was I was fighting with bugs mostly, which started to appear seemingly out of nowhere. There are three main updates in this release. - Added 2 more simulation modes: Points and RBD - UI Improved Since there are t...

BroDynamics Update Sneak Peak

16.06.2016 ( tech python maya tools )

Working on an update.

Unity fun

05.06.2016 ( )

A few weeks ago I was trying out some concepts in Unity, to practice C# and learn some new things. I think it's time to show some of it here. Everything in this prototype was done by me, including awesome capsule models for enemies and animations for player character. Collision-based damage, implodi...

Control Mesh Creator and Auto IK FK Switcher are out!

04.06.2016 ( tech python maya tools )

Auto IK FK Switcher works with any rig using a regular 3-chain IK-FK setup. It works with meta-connections (fancy name for connecting nodes using 'message' connections and finding them later through these connections), which allows it to be context-sensitive. The UI has just a few buttons, and ...

Site update

19.05.2016 ( )

Phew, CSS3 is not nearly as hard as I thought some time ago. Updated this site's design a bit, added some neat hover features, and made the "TOOLS" page where you can take a look at a few of my main tools I made and am using in my work. Some of them are available for purchase, some will be later,...

BroRig Update 03 - Shape replacer

18.05.2016 ( tech python maya )

And here come Pixar Presto's style controls! A tool which allows me to quickly replace NURBS curves with controls following mesh. Very intuitive for animators. Thanks to Jason Schleifer for showing how this is done in Maya.

BroRig Update 02 - Mostly works

17.05.2016 ( tech python maya )

Well, it mostly works, and already created a script to replace controls with selectable mesh controls, details in the video. Will create mini-ui for it, probably, and move onto creation of automatic ik-fk switching stuff... Or fix the rig itself. Or, maybe, put it away for a while, and rig so...

BroRig Update 01 - Basic Stretchy IK-FK Done

16.05.2016 ( tech python maya )

Hooraaay, Basic stretchy IK-FK is done. Can now quickly rig arms and legs, without feet yet. Scales correctly with the rig, thanks to Zeth Willie's tutorial. Basically it will correctly scale under any circumstances, even if the character is parented to something else and that other object is sca...

BroRig Update 00

15.05.2016 ( tech python maya )

So, I decided to write my own little auto rigging tool for myself. I'm not sure why I even do this, lets say for usual things: Fun Practice Better understanding of rigging Yeah, this sounds about right to me. Goal is: Create my own rigging tool, aimed primarily at joint-bas...

BroDynamics update 1.1.0

08.05.2016 ( tech python maya tools )

Just a minor heads-up, BroDynamics updated to 1.1.0. Now features collision objects, as well as a few minor fixes. Also now available on creativecrash.


26.04.2016 ( art tech projects work )

Two videos are now officially available, featuring my work as Lead Animator. Motion capture on set supervision, mocap data processing, retargeting, polishing, exporing. Some rigging and pipelnie tool development as well.

ShowReel 2014

25.04.2016 ( )

Some of my works up until 2014.

BroDynamics is out

25.04.2016 ( tech python maya tools )

Get it on gumroad! After some time of searching the web for something like good-old Spring Magic for 3ds max, or any other quick and universal secondary-motion solution, I decided to write my own. It is a part of my own toolkit, which I conveniently called “BroTools” j...

Unity fun

25.03.2016 ( tech unity ) Having fun with Unity 3D. A little game-ish created in the process. My own record was 68 kills so far, and can't beat it myself, argh... Controls: WASD - Movement Right Click - Aim Left Click - Shoot (When Aiming) Shift - Use forceto ...

Prohibition PB Game Announcment

21.10.2015 ( hobby )

This was an announcement for a paintball game based around the mafia and prohibition themes. Though to me it is not polished enough, still this was a fun low-budget project to work on! DIRECTOR: Mikhail Davydov DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Petr Vo...

STALKER PB Game Announcment

21.10.2015 ( )

This was an announcment for a paintball game based on STALKER universe. Though it was used to advertise a commercial game, the project itself was not commercial and made by me and GUARDIANS team for fun mostly. I was a Director and responsible for the complete produ...

GUARDIANS Sport - Russia 2013 Cup Final

20.11.2013 ( hobby )

Filmed and edited, made logo animations for Guardians. We won! That's my team! :D

Precursors Making of

17.11.2013 ( art tech directing )

Motion Capture Almost every animation was made with the help of two Microsoft Kinects and an iPi Soft DMC. Except for running sequences and a few other animations, like the first shot with Guard standing in front of a door, animation of one Guard in ambush, close...

Precursors CG Short

16.11.2013 ( art directing work animation )

**This particular cinematic was our first attempt at making a full cinematic production. It started as a university graduation project, so we had to stick with a tough deadline and certain requirements to fit into diploma\graduation project, like a mini...

Tracktor Bowling Official Music Video

05.07.2011 ( art directing projects ) Yay! Music video directed and filmed by me and my VGIK classmates, in a studio. Initial edit by me, further refined and mixed with some concert footage by one of the group members to match their particular needs. This is the "Director's Cut" versio...