brotools tech

BroTools, some developments


Working on some updates to BroDynamics and BroTools as a whole system. Finally there's something visual to show.

Still a heavy WIP.

BroUpdater v2

What this is is a new updater written from scratch. Apart from cool UI where I'm exploring direct painting on Qt interface, it's logic is not completely different. Updater v1 was simply downloading one .zip archive per tool + and extracted them into BroTools folder, overwriting all existing files. These .zip archives contained all files for every tool you have installed.

Updater v2 now compares files' checksums on client's machine with latest versions of all files, and only downloads those that are missing or are different. It will also receive a list of files to remove from the server, so it should properly remove redundant files. Most of the logic for this will also be handled by the server, and client mostly just executes commands, which should allow me to promptly fix any errors that might creep up in updates without requiring client-side updates.

There are some other big updates coming, so stay tuned! 😉