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Non-3D Python exercise: Instaload


Well, this is not related to 3D or CG, but it’s Python!

Was bored one day, and had to download a couple of images from instagram. dinsta.com is great, but it only allows you download images, and only one by one. So, I spent a few hours writing a little web-app to download multiple images and even videos from instagram. So, here it is:


Using it is simple. Just open required instagram photos or images on your pc, copy and paste links into the app, each link on a separate line, and click download button. You should then see download progress, and in the end you’ll get a download link for your zip archive with downloaded files. It will be there for an hour.

It does not have any error report mechanics right now. It can only detect incorrect links and will ignore them. So if you see your download stuck (mind that videos can take longer to download), you may want to reload the page after a while, and try again.

And there is also another issue, instagram actually tries to counter-act these tools by changing class names and ids inside their html code. Gotta figure out how to counter-counter-act that :D