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BroDynamics New Year Sale!


BroDynamics New Years sale is now on! 20% off!

Limited offer.

And here is some sneak peak on my plans on BroDynamics for 2019. It will have a lot of improvements and come with a lot of new cool features, some of which are already in the Development version in testing, some are yet to be implemented:

General improvements:

  • New simulation mode based on Fake simulation algorithm. This should allow to simulate simple chain spring\drag in a more stable and reliable way, as well as support looping simulation for animation cycles.

Improvements in Chain module:

  • * Multi Pass Simulation checkbox - runs individual simulation for each control in a chain. This way it always creates perfectly straight curve for each object, allowing to overcome a lot of previous bugs and problems with snapping and offsets of the simulation as well as sometimes it completely breaking, in case it is caused controls being misaligned in initial pose.
  • * Euler Filter checkbox - runs euler filter after simulation.
  • * Use base twist checkbox - allows to choose to either align twist to first or second selected object
  • * Auto shift distance detection
  • Auto front axis detection

Improvements for Enterprise\Studio use:

  • Allow to store user settings on user's machines and not in BroTools installation folder

And of course a lots of minor bug fixes and improvements, which are hard to even keep track of :)

Stay tuned!

* - already in development version