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Control Mesh Creator and Auto IK FK Switcher are out!


Auto IK FK Switcher works with any rig using a regular 3-chain IK-FK setup. It works with meta-connections (fancy name for connecting nodes using 'message' connections and finding them later through these connections), which allows it to be context-sensitive. The UI has just a few buttons, and it knows which IK-FK body part you selected, and will perform a switch for selected body-part. You can also freely rename controls and objects, it will still work. It also has an automatic mode, which will switch IK to FK if you select FK and vice-versa.

Auto IK-FK Switcher

Control Mesh Creator replaces control curves with mesh-based controls. They follow the original mesh, and are invisible to the animator, who can simply click on the part of the mesh to select a control. Similar to Pixar's Presto software approach.

Control Mesh Creator