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BroDynamics 2.0 is released!


BroDynamics 2.0 is available!

New major version was reworked from the ground up, and comes with a lot of new features and improvements.

Most noticable:

  • New simplified installation process
  • Chain mode can now try to follow your existing animation. Before it was using pose from the first frame for the whole animation.
  • A lot of bug fixes and improvements in how objects are aligned and processed
  • Updated UI, better docking, better integration into Maya menu, better support of smaller screens (added scrollbars)
  • Built-in Updater and Store, from where you can easily update your existing tool and download new ones, as plugins for BroTools

For the complete changelog follow this links:

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x:

To upgrade from 1.x to 2.x - remove the whole 1.x folder, and optionally remove BRO_TOOLS_PATH from Maya.env file. After that download BroDynamics 2.0 from Gumroad, extract anywhere, and drag and drop install.mel into Maya's viewport. That's it!