About Me

I've been passionate about animation, gamedev, movies, VFX, and CG for as long as I can remember. I love both the artistic and technical sides of this field and I'm constantly learning new things. My main focus is on animation, rigging, and VFX, and I enjoy tinkering with animations and shots, optimizing code and UIs, building dynamic simulation systems, and working with mocap actors on set. With my degree in Animation and Multimedia Direction and my experience as a Director, I have a good understanding of all production stages, which allows me to find optimal creative and technical solutions for most problems.

And I feel incredibly lucky to work with what I love.

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What I do


It's alive!

Tech Art

Rigging, VFX, Shaders, Python tools


My stack: Python, Flask, HTMX


My creative hobby

BroTools for Maya

Maya tools I develop