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BroDynamics is out


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After some time of searching the web for something like good-old Spring Magic for 3ds max, or any other quick and universal secondary-motion solution, I decided to write my own. It is a part of my own toolkit, which I conveniently called “BroTools” just for the fun of it, but I decided to go further with this prefix and called it BroDynamics. With a click of a button it can temporary add a simulation dynamics based on nHair to any rig, any selection of objects, bake it on controls, and clean up after itself. Without breaking rigs. Working with referenced rigs. ** ** **Recommended use include: Tails, hair, tentacles. It can also be used with any FK hierarchy, which is recommended, but it works with almost any type of hierarchy really. ** ** ** So, for example, if you’re an animator who wants to spend more time on creative process and acting of the animation, and less time on routine animator-tasks like creating secondary motion to all those tails, long bunny- ears, tentacles, etc., – this tool is for you. I’m already using it in my every-day work, so you can expect regular updates, at least for some time. Currently I plan to add more simulation options to the UI, maybe making it possible to preview the simulation before baking it on controls.