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BroDynamics 1.4.0 Released!


Phew, it took me a while to get it all together. It was huge update. Last few days was I was fighting with bugs mostly, which started to appear seemingly out of nowhere. There are three main updates in this release. - Added 2 more simulation modes: Points and RBD - UI Improved Since there are these huge updates, there may be new bugs in this release, which I did not have a chance to catch yet. Feel free to report any problems you enouncter, and I will try to fix it ASAP. Along with this release I made new promo video, and started making a series of How To videos.

New Promo

How To series

I think later I will sit back and write a nice post about some behind-the- scenes... Or not... We'll see :D Changes: 1.4.0 - A lot of bug fixes and improvements overall. - Compatibility fix! Now works with Maya 2014 too. Probably with 2013 as well. - UI reworked, now windows delete properly when you close the main BroDynamics window, docked or undocked. Memory leak here and performance impact after closing and openning it often should be fixed now. - Icons everywhere! :D - NEW! Added single object simulation based on nParticles. - NEW! Rigid Body and Ragdoll simulation module. - Added SnapRuntime plugin for object matching for RBD mostly. Thank you, Red9. - Fixed Get button in Batch Window - Batch window's list will now properly update when you hit Undo. Now no need to worry about making mistakes there at all.