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BroRig Update 01 - Basic Stretchy IK-FK Done


Hooraaay, Basic stretchy IK-FK is done. Can now quickly rig arms and legs, without feet yet. Scales correctly with the rig, thanks to Zeth Willie's tutorial. Basically it will correctly scale under any circumstances, even if the character is parented to something else and that other object is scaled. Will try to make everything else scaling the same way. In the video the character breaks when i'm scaling it just because nothing but legs and arms is rigged. But arms and legs scale correctly. Once I rig spine and head it will work just fine. Currently it automatically finds 2nd and 3rd joints... But as I think of it now, it was not a good idea. If there are, say, twist joints in that hierarchy, the script wont work. But it's no biggie, will fix this some other time. Yeah, also forgot to add, I will, of course, add a nice pretty PySide UI to this!