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BroDynamics leaves Highend3D\CreativeCrash


( If you bought BroDynamics from CreativeCrash\Highend3D - you can read about how you can obtain a Gumroad copy at the end of this page )

I'm sorry to say, that after thorough review of sales made with Gumroad and Highend3D, CreativeCrash, and after serious and long consideration I came to a conclusion that it would be better for me to remove BroDynamics from CreativeCrash.

So since today BroDynamics is no longer available for purchase on Highend3D. But it is still available on Gumroad !

I will also be recreating some of the functionality once available on Highend3D on my own website. Namely - issue tracker and comments. It will likely come out along with a new large update to BroDynamics, which will bring better UI integration and much easier and more reliable installation process. I know that a fair amount of people had troubles with installation, so I'm working hard on making it better.

The main reason for leaving Highend3d is that it was not profitable for me, with their 45% fee and small numbers of sold items compared to Gumroad's 3-10% and much higher numbers of sold copies of BroDynamics.

I was faced with a decision of either increasing the price of BroDynamics on Highend3d up to 45-50$ to cover the difference in fee, or removing BroDynamics from Highend3D entirely. The fact that Highend3D's terms of use restrict setting a higher price there compared to other selling platforms. So, I did not want to make people on Highend3D pay so much more.

To all those who purchased BroDynamics on Highend3D - I'm currently negotiating with Highend3D support, and trying to find a way to issue free versions of BroDynamics from Gumroad to those who bought BroDynamics on Highend3D. Unfortinately without their direct help I have no way of tracking who bought BroDynamics, no way to contact my customers there.

CreativeCrash\Highend3D does not give sellers **any ** information about their customers, making it impossible to track them down and offer free keys. So sellers can't ever reach out to their customers in any way, unless customer writes something in a form of bug report or comment. This was also one of the reasons for leaving it.

CreativeCrash\Highend3D is a great resource, but it did not work for me as a seller.

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Update - How to get a free Gumroad copy if you bought it from Highend3D

Unfortunately negotiations with Highend3D were a failure. So, **if you bought BroDynamics through Highend3D and wish to get your free Gumroad key, please, download .pdf receipt from Highend3D and send it to my email. **

This is the only way I can verify sales, as I only have extremely limited information about sales from CreativeCrash.

[email protected]