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BroDynamics 2.0 Sneak Peak - Self Updater


A sneak peak of one of the new features of BroDynamics 2.0 - built-in updater.

I wanted to implement it for a long time, but while using CreativeCrash I could not verify purchases. Gumroad, on the other hand, issues license keys which I can check, and finally add this self update functionality safely.


Interesting challenge while developing this updater was the use of QThreads for version checking. Without using threading there was a lag while starting BroDynamics window, as it had to connect to the server and get latest version number. It's not much, but depending on the speed of internet connection and more importantly ping time to the server it could be anywhere between 1 seconds and a few.

Why challenge? Because apparently Maya does not work well with threading, so I'm yet to test and debug it under different circumstances and Maya versions.

And my server-programming hobby also came in handy here, as I was able to setup my own "BroApi" for this matter :)

Stay tuned for more updates!