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BroRig Update 02 - Mostly works


Well, it mostly works, and already created a script to replace controls with selectable mesh controls, details in the video. Will create mini-ui for it, probably, and move onto creation of automatic ik-fk switching stuff... Or fix the rig itself. Or, maybe, put it away for a while, and rig something with advanced skeleton and animate it... Hm, not sure which will be next yet. We'll see. As a side note, I might also add, that here I use a model from DOTA 2, for testing purposes. The auto rig is also built in a way, which allows to use it with different joint orientations. Right now I'm aligning towards making a simple tool, which will require a rigger to first create a skeleton and then rig it using this script. But later I'm thinking about also developing some easy-to-use skeleton-creation tools, with visual meshes attached to skeleton during the creation process, to help see orientations of joints better. I also plan to include a node, which will hold information about the skeleton through meta-connections. Which will allow to change joint names if needed. And then, the 1-click auto-rig will look through the meta-data and build the rig. So, theoretically, it will also allow to relatively quickly rebuild the rig if needed, since meta-information will be kept. Not quite like AdvancedSkeleton, but similar approach.