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BroDynamics 2.1 goals


My new goal for BroDynamics 2.1 update is improving and refining user experience . It means:

  • Improving and polishing installation process
  • Further improving UI, to be more intuitive and to better reflect Maya's own UI logic. For example - I plan to change Tabs to a Dropdown menu for Modes. Should make it more obvious that it's actual mode switching, and not just another set of options
  • Updating documentation with more step-by-step guides, use cases, screenshots and gifs

For convenience and to roll them out sooner these and other updates will come in minor version increments of 2.0.x.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. It's very important for further development of the tool. Please, contact me if you have any troubles installing BroDynamics or experience any bugs or problems. Also contact me if you think it's not intuitive enough and if you have ideas on how to make it better.