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Bro IKFK Switcher Update 1.2.1



  • Fixed bug with incorrect matching of generated Match Locators
  • Updated matching function. Both rotation and translation is matched through openmaya now, no cmds.xform usage, which results in better matching
  • Matching now uses cmds.matchTransform command, which is new in Maya 2017, if it is available. It will revert back to openmaya solution if matchTransform fails. You can also manually force it to use openmaya matching, by running the following Python command: BroTools.Tools.broIkFkSwitcher.force_om_method = True
  • Wrapped all "print" calls under a function. By default there will be almost nothing printed in script editor anymore now. To see debug prints in Script Editor run the following Python command: BroTools.Tools.broIkFkSwitcher.debug = True