A script for Autodesk Maya, that can help you easily create secondary motion dynamics simulation without breaking rigs, and bake it to controls, so you can fine-tune it by hand, if needed. Features point simulation, chain\tail simulation and RBD\Ragdoll simulation modes.

$7\mo; $65\year


A collection of all of my tools for Maya: BroDynamics, Animation Toolbox, IKFK Switcher, Control Mesh Creator, BroSelector, advanced Renamer and more tools are coming! Primarily focused around animation and rigging.

12$\mo; 120$\year


Modifier check

A simple, yet handy script. It is known that FBX will ignore any modifiers (UVW Unwrap, for example), which are above Skin in the modifier list. This script quickly checks every object in the scene, and if object has the Skin modifier on it but it is not the first - it will add this object to the list. You can then click on elements of the list in the UI to select those objects and quickly fix the problem.