I was passionate about animation, movies, vfx and cg as long as I can remember myself, I love both art and tech sides of it equally, I always learn new things, trying to grasp all aspects of it, but with main focus on animation, rigging and vfx. I love to tinker with polishing animations and shots, as well as optimising the code and polishing UIs of my tools, and as much as building complex dynamic simulation systems for VFX and even working with mocap actors on set. My Animation and Multimedia Director degree and Director experience gives me a good understanding of all stages of production, and this allows me to find optimal creative and technical solutions for most problems.

And I feel that I am very lucky to work with what I love.


VGIK Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, 2013
Animation and Multimedia Director


Maya 3ds Max Python UE4 Unity After Effects Premiere Photoshop Houdini Nuke


Character Animation

Character Rigging



UE4 Blueprints

Unity C#



Home Automation and AI

Web Development

Playing music (Guitar\Keys)

Riding a bike

Movies \ Shows


Not actively looking for a new job.


Michael Davydov

Animation, Rigging, VFX