Here you can find documentation for all of my tools.


All of my tools share the same installation process and the same "Hub" folder - BroTools/.

  1. Unpack\Copy BroTools folder into any folder on your computer.*
  2. Open Maya
  3. Locate install.mel file inside BroTools folder. Drag and drop it in Maya's viewport and follow instructions on screen.
  4. Enjoy!

* Using \Program Files\Autodesk* folder is NOT recommended. Also make sure to choose folder which you don't need Administrator's priviliges to access. If you have no preference, just use C:\Users\<user>\Documents\maya\BroTools

After installation you should be able to find my tools under BroTools menu in Maya's top menu bar:


If installation fails...

  • Make sure that you don't have multiple BroTools installations. Especially if one of them is in any of Maya's scripts or plugins folders. Multiple installations may create conflicts. Best approach would be to remove every BroTools folder on your computer, and try installing again.

If installation still fails...

First check the Troubleshooting\Known bugs page, but if you can't find your answer there - feel free to contact me if installation fails. Just send me a mail with as much details about the problem you encountered as you can, and I will try to my best to help you. Please include brotool.log and bro_startup.log files.

I'm also interested in improving and simplifying installation process, and it was overhauled since version 2.0 of BroDynamics and BroTools

EMail: [email protected]

How to install other tools

Once you have BroTools folder installed and setup once, you won't need to run install.mel again for any of my other major tools (BroDynamics and planned BroTools and BroRig). You can use BroTools Store tool (located under BroTools - BroTools Store in Maya menu) or simply unpack new tools into the same folder, if you downloaded them from Gumroad.

BroTools Store

BroTools Store is a tool where you can find more of my tools, and download them from within Maya, without the need to worry about properly unpacking archives and replacing the right files. You will need to provide appropriate Gumroad License key for each tool you want to download.


All of my tools are compatible with Maya 2014 and up, with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, unless stated otherwise.



Under BroTools/Preferences you can find a few useful global BroTools settings.

Debug_level - controls debug output in script editor, value from 0 to 3. 0 prints all, 1 prints only INFO and above, 2 prints only warnings and errors, 3 prints only errors.

Write_log_file - Will write all maya logs into BroTools.log file located under BroTools folder. This file is cleared after each Maya\BroTools restart. This file is used by Bug Reporter.

Check_versions - If on, will check main BroTools package verion on startup. Alternatively you can use BroTools\Check for Updates to check if there were any updates for main BroTools package. It does not check for new versions of other installed tools.

Enterprise\Studio installation

BroTools supports installation in Enterprise\Studio environments, where installation directory is located in a shared folder. Often this means that users don't have write permissions in this folder, and even if they do multiple users changing their BroTools\BroDynamics settings may interfere with each other.

Installation process is the same, the only change you need to do is set BROTOOLS_CONFIG_PATH environment variable on client machines. This path will be used by BroTools to store all it's changing data, config files and logs. Make sure user has write permissions to this directory.